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The NTX Wealth Process

We are here to help you discover your values and align them with your financial plan. Whether you are close to retirement, at the peak of your career, or beginning your foray into money management, we are here to optimize your savings, investing, tax or estate planning, and overall financial risk management.

Step 1:

3D Assessment

Our unique 3D Assessment process allows us to get to know you as a person, and then we get to know your finances. We want everything we do for you on the financial front to align with your priorities, so our first step is to clearly define what those are. In your first meeting, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional will meet with you to talk through one of the most important parts of our process, in which you will—

  • Define your values
  • Develop your vision for the future
  • Discover your path forward

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Step 2:

Creating a Personalized Wealth Strategy

Now equipped with a clear vision from your 3D Assessment, your financial planner creates and presents a comprehensive Wealth Strategy to you. This strategy is an all-inclusive financial plan customized to you and your life, no matter what stage of life you are in. Your financial planner will outline steps that you can take to secure your financial future and help align your values and resources.

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Step 3:

Continuous Commitment

Your financial planner will continue to meet with you to review your Wealth Strategy and make any necessary adjustments. Using WealthVision, your financial planner can run hypothetical scenarios to see how any adjustments to your resources and investments would affect your long-term plan.

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