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Because your values are unique to your life and goals.

Money means different things to different people. For some it means freedom,
for others it means stability and posterity. We help you identify your values and
set your financial goals to match. Then, we help you pursue them.

We offer investment consulting services for...

Wealth Optimizers

Wealth Optimizers

You are in the peak earning years of your profession and less than 10 years from retirement. You want a realistic assessment of when you can afford to stop working and how to optimize your savings to live the life you value most.

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Wealth Builders

Wealth Builders

You have a corporate retirement plan but retirement is still down the road. You want a long-term, comprehensive financial plan with short-term milestones that you can start working on today.

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How We Are Compensated

We are a fee-based financial planning and investment firm. Our compensation is determined by how you choose to engage us: fee-for-planning, ongoing subscription, advisory services, brokerage solutions. Regardless, we strive to align our compensation with the best interest of our clients and their unique investment and financial planning needs.

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Investment Management Fees

Assets Under Management

We collect 1-1.5% from your managed accounts if we manage $250,000 or more for you. 

Financial Planning Fees

One-Time Plan

For Wealth Optimizers without managed accounts, we offer a one-time plan, which includes a customized financial plan for a one time fee of $2,500.

Ongoing Subscription

For Wealth Builders without managed accounts, we offer a full financial plan with ongoing consultation for an annual fee of $2,500, which is billed monthly.

<strong>Saturday Everyday Book</strong>

Saturday Everyday Book

Saturday Everyday is an educational book that inspires readers to live their best financial life. CEO and Certified Financial Planner™, Mike Crews outlines 9 principles that you can apply to start experiencing the freedom and power that comes from mastering your personal finances. Learn how to:

  • Build a foundation to survive financial downturns and life emergencies.
  • Determine how you really want to spend your time.
  • Design a life based around positive cash flow.
  • Invest your money so that it grows over time.
  • Protect and keep more of what you earn.

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