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“My wife and I have been with NTW for 13 years and could not be more pleased with their services. From the very first meeting and now 10 years into retirement, I can say that we are grateful to Rob for keeping us on track with our financial goals.”

Gary G

“Our experience with NTWM has eased our concerns about our future retirement years. Rob and Lillie have been professional and detailed in outlining our financial goals and plans. We feel fortunate to have them assisting us and highly recommend them!”

Joanne R

“Professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable financial professionals at North Texas Wealth Management!”

Andy S

“Excellent retirement specialists helping us plan for our future! Lots of people I work with use Ricker and continue to recommend them to others.”

Linda D

“Great team to plan your retirement.”

Mona W

“We have been using North Texas Wealth Management for many years now. Rob, Lillie and the whole staff make you feel like you were family. Thank you for your professionalism.”

William D

“Have ‘worked’ with NTWM for 8+ years and they helped get us ready to retire and then ever since (we retired 3 years ago). Cannot thank NTWM enough.”

Paul K

“I highly recommend North Texas Wealth Management (formerly Ricker Retirement Specialists). I recently retired from a major defense contractor, where I worked with incredibly intelligent engineers who don’t do anything without a thorough, detailed, and complete analysis and assessment. When it came to choosing a wealth & retirement management company prior to my retirement, the co-workers that had just retired or were about to retire, all gave the same recommendation: North Texas Wealth Management. At the time, Ricker’s focus was retirement management. When my wife and I were ready to retire, we met with the company’s CEO, Mike Crews, who drew up an initial plan and handled the account transfers, pension application, and other details. Mike did all the ‘heavy lifting’. More importantly, Mike walked us through the retirement management plan they had established and assured us that our position enabled us to proceed with retiring at that time. Since then, the business has expanded beyond their original focus on retirement management into a more comprehensive wealth management service provider. After our financial / retirement plan was initially established, our plan has subsequently been managed by Robert Cody, one of North Texas Wealth Management’s Certified Financial Planners. Rob has done a fantastic job managing our finances. He meets with us on a regular basis to review our plan, discuss changes, and answer any questions we may have. After being retired now for just over 3 years, we have complete peace and confidence knowing that Rob and the team at North Texas Wealth Management are hard at work ensuring our finances are being professionally managed. We also greatly appreciate the professionalism, assistance, and service provided by Lillie Ware, a Paraplanner with North Texas Wealth Management. Working together with Rob, Lillie has assisted with the management of our plan, going to great lengths to make our experience as a client a positive one. It is always a pleasure to work with Lillie and Rob. If you are in the early years of your career and are thinking that one day you will look into establishing a retirement savings, or develop a financial plan for the road ahead, don’t wait another day. Today is that day. And North Texas Wealth Management has a proven track record for providing the services and guidance you will need. They came highly recommended to me by friends, family, and co-workers that I trust. I highly recommend them and will continue to refer them to others”

Jules S

“My husband and I have been clients of North Texas Wealth Management (formerly Ricker Retirement Specialists) for 15 years since retiring, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the management of our money. When goals change, adjustments are made.”

Nita H

“My husband Dennis and I placed our financial future in the well-qualified hands of the team at NTWM. We know we made the right decision! Mike Crews, Rob Cody, and Lilli Ware are terrific! We have been clients of both Mike and Rob for 10+ years. My husband and I make “decent” salaries but we’re certainly not the 1%… We were concerned that we didn’t have enough money to engage with a Certified Financial Planner, and I was wrong! We receive the guidance we need to understand what our future will look like, and I’m happy to share we know we’ve made the best choice in NTWM”

Maureen F

“I would highly recommend Rob and North Texas Wealth Management group. I have been with this group for well over 6 yrs and now I am looking forward to retirement the end of next year thanks to Rob and company at NTWM. Give them a call or stop in. As soon as you enter the doors you are welcomed with a smile and very helpful Admin. Thanks Rob and company.”

Dave P

“Wonderful people to work with. Been with them since 2014. We are completely satisfied with their service. They are extended family. Met today with Rob and Maddock. Talked about strategy for our portfolio and suggestions made were right on target. It’s a nice feeling to not have worry about who is managing our retirement. High, highly recommend them.”

John F

“I never could have imagined being so comfortable discussing money, debt, retirement, wants and needs! I am currently working with Seth. He is very knowledgeable and honestly has the most calming voice. He listens so intently to you and any concerns you may have. He truly wants to help you achieve your goals. Please folks, if you need financial help/advice, please go see Seth at North Texas Wealth Management. You will be so happy!”

Sherry H

“We have been with NTWM for a very long time and cannot be more pleased with Mike Crews and his team. Seth is our financial advisor and is on top of all the latest technology and market changes. They even go above and beyond with tax management!” -Steve B

Steve B

Our process

The NTX Wealth Process

Whether you are close to retirement, achieving your peak career goals, or just starting your financial planning, we help you optimize your saving, investing, tax or estate planning, and overall financial risk management.

Process 1

Life Planning

The 3D AssessmentTM is our introductory conversation led by one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioners designed to uncover your “why” and help you visualize and pursue what matters most to you.

Process 2

Financial Planning

Our financial planning process utilizes WealthVisionm technology to enable collaboration between the planner and the client. We empower our clients with tools to visualize the outcomes of different possible choices and help them optimize their decisions.

Process 3

Investment Management

Our investment committee meets regularly to review portfolio performance, perform due diligence on investment holdings, and analyze third party research and quantitative data that drives allocation adjustments.

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We believe that wealth management can unlock a new level of purpose and fulfillment by aligning your finances with your core values.

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