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Learn how to make every day feel like Saturday with Mike Crews, MBA, CFP® and his book, Saturday Everyday.

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Saturday Everyday is the product of 5 years of work and numerous interviews with clients over the last 16 years. This book is a simple, educational, and inspiring book that could quickly help you begin living your best financial life. Through 9 principles organized as chapters, readers will be able to quickly grasp the fundamentals to start experiencing the freedom and power the lessons provide.


Master the 9 Principles

In Saturday Everyday, Mike Crews goes through 9 principles organized as chapters for readers to fundamentally understand and experience the freedom of mastering personal finance.

Principle 1.

More Money Coming In Than Going Out

Principle 2.

Pay Yourself First

Principle 3.

Replacing Your Paycheck

Principle 4.

Fund the Gap

Principle 5.

Climbing Mount Everest

Principle 6.

One Shot to Get It Right

Principle 7.

A Bucket of Taxes

Principle 8.

Maximizing Leftovers

Principle 9.

Live a Life Without Limits