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Our Process

What do you value? How do those values affect your spending, saving, and investments? North Texas Wealth Management aims to align your values with your wealth management strategies. That way, your resources go exactly where they shouldto what matters most.

We are experts in values-based investing. The North Texas Wealth Management process includes a customized 3D Assessment™ that helps you outline your values and the “why” that drives your finances. Then, we derive your 3D Assessment™ score and develop a unique Wealth Strategy to close the gap between your values and your resources.

Whether you are close to retirement, achieving your peak career goals, or just starting your financial planning, we help you optimize your saving, investing, tax or estate planning, and overall financial risk management.

  • Step 1: 3D Assessment™

    Meet with one of our financial planners. You will receive a questionnaire to relay preliminary information prior to meeting. Then, your financial planner will meet with you to talk through your current assets, values, and financial goals. Our unique 3D Assessment™ includes an interview that will score how closely aligned your resources are to your values. 

    We will follow up with you via phone after your assessment to fill in any missing financial information and introduce you to our proprietary financial planning software, WealthVision℠.

  • Step 2: Wealth Strategy

    Utilizing the results from your 3D Assessment™, your financial planner creates and presents a comprehensive Wealth Strategy to you. This strategy is an all-inclusive financial plan customized to you and your life, no matter what stage of life you are in. Your financial planner will outline steps that you can take to secure your financial future and help align your values and resources.

  • Step 3: Continuous Commitment

    Your financial planner will continue to meet with you annually to review your Wealth Strategy and make any necessary adjustments. Using WealthVision℠, your financial planner can run hypothetical scenarios to see how any adjustments to your resources and investments would affect your long-term plan.

    In one easy view, WealthVision℠ shows the impact of your Wealth Strategy on your resources. In your custom portal, you can view:

    • Your net worth and assets at a glance
    • Your financial goals and milestones
    • Your tax and insurance information
    • All your financial reports
    • Any projections done by your financial advisor based on inflation and market data.

    You will also be eligible for on-call services or quarterly touch base calls. We believe in providing unparalleled service so you never have to wonder how your finances are working for you.