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Step 2: Design a custom plan

Custom Financial Planning

The next step is to create a custom financial plan based on your specific financial information and personal goals that you shared in the initial discovery meeting.   We create a customized and comprehensive written financial plan, which includes an analysis of your investments, expenses, insurance, employee benefits, income tax, and estate planning strategies. 

We believe that clients should know and understand how their financial planner is compensated prior to implementing investment recommendations.

We are a fee-based financial planning practice through LPL Financial, a registered investment advisor. Since each financial plan is customized for each client, we believe our fees should be, as well. For the sake of transparency, we always fully disclose how we are compensated in each individual financial plan, whether it is commission, hourly rates, or management fees.

Additionally, when needed, we collaborate with other experts to make the best recommendations for your financial plan. Some of our strategic partners include:

  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Estate and probate attorneys
  • Life and health insurance experts
  • Long-term care advisors
  • Mortgage lending specialists
  • Social Security/Disability attorneys
  • Social Security and Medicare professionals
  • Tax attorneys